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Hi & Welcome

Want to know what happens when two bloggers get together?

The contest of minds is usually funny to watch, but then we realise that none of us know everything. When two people who are passionate about what they are doing share ideas you’ll always walk away with something useful. Sometimes those ideas will transform the way you work by making life a little easier & sometimes you’ll walk away with a nugget of an idea that could transform your life. That’s exactly what happened when Matt Garrett (a pro blogger) and myself got together. It resulted in exchange of ideas which lead to creation of this product.

This reference guide therefore is double dose of resources that many of us know little or nothing about & few of us have the time or patience to research. In essence it’s the combination of 10 years market knowledge & months of work. Whilst you’ll find resources here that you already know, I guarantee you’ll also find gems that even the most seasoned marketers don’t know about & I would like to share those with you.

Barry J Hall – Pro Blogger/ Digital Publisher

Here’s Just a Few of the NUGGETS:

Nugget #1 – Affiliate Network Report

Which Are The Best Affiliate Networks for Specific Tasks?

Affiliate Network Report

Choosing Affiliate Networks can be a Minefield…

With 100’s of established affiliate networks & new ones popping up every month, there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered like: Are they trustworthy? Are they worth using? Which is the right one for the task at hand?

To make a wiser choice you’ll need more information such as: how well established they are? what are they best known for? This is precisely what we did when we profiled some of the top affiliate networks on the planet.

So whether you are an affiliate newbie or an old pro – you’ll find some interesting info in our Affiliate Network Report – choose wisely!

Nugget #2 – SEO Resource Guide

What Are The Best SEO Resources?

SEO Resource Guide

Don’t Pay for SEO If you dont need to…

With 100’s of paid SEO resources you may be surprised to learn that much of this “paid intelligence” is available to you for FREE!.

Despite the latest attempts by Google to change the goalposts with their releases of the endangered zoo animals (aka panda & penguin) – SEO is still very much alive. If you want to see the sheep through the Google wool you’re going to need to use some tools. The SEO resource guide included in this package is dynamite! – you’ll be surprised what info you can get for free & how valuable it is in helping you tune your site for better natural search engine ranking. You’ll find many of the “paid resources” don’t deliver much more than the free tools.

Nugget #3 – Web Marketing Toolkit

The Web Marketing Tools You Can’t Do Without!

Essential Marketing Toolkit

Best of the Best Tools Bundle…(Mostly PC Utils)

There are some web tools that we simply can’t do without – at least not without finding better alternatives! In the toolkit we’ve compiled the best software & utils that we found in the course of building this product. Most of these we use ourselves regularly so this is effectively our pick of the best software & resources on the web.

To save you downloading items individually we’ve bundled the software in one download – this also saves you getting the extra “unwanted gifts” that many of the distribution sites have a habit of adding in nowadays.

The toolkit includes many of the picks we highlighted on this sales page + a few more really useful apps that really stood out. The objective of this kit is to make you aware of these tools/resources & make it easy for you to start using these yourself.

Nugget #4 – Screen Measuring Utility

Speed up your Image Edits!

Screen Measuring Tool

Getting The Right Image Size Every Time (PC & MAC)

Whether you are writing Blogs, Sales Pages or Affiliate Marketing Sites – you’ll need to add in graphics to break up the text. But what graphic size is going to look right on your site? Of course some CMS software like WordPress will auto size the image for you – but these often skew the image, cut out the bits you want to keep & of course store the original bloated image on your server. Server space is not cheap so if you do this regularly on a lot of sites – it’s going to come at a cost.

A few years back we found a neat little app that literally measured the screen space available & gives you the precise dimensions for the image size required – no guess work – just perfectly sized graphics every time!

Nugget #5 – Real-time Colour Picker

Find the #HTML or RGB Colour of Anything in Seconds!

HTML Colour Match

Instant Colour Match (PC)

As 91% of buying decisions are visual (data from kissmetrics.com) it’s not ideal to have clashing colours on your website. Web designers usually use a colour picker to match colours. This would normally involve taking a screenshot of the site then opening it in a design app such as photoshop/illustrator to sample the colour – then finding the well hidden colour match options.

Why go through that effort when you can do this on the fly with a very thin little app that bypasses the standard process & gives you the colour code you require instantly – you can feed that colour into some neat web resources that give you the best matching colours for your site in seconds.

So now you can colour scheme your whole site faster than market leading design tools & with less fuss!

Nugget #6 – Quick Font Pre-Viewer

Find the Right Font The First Time!

Font Preview Tool

Trying to Find The Right Font? (PC & MAC)

Have you ever tried picking a font in Word, Photoshop, Acrobat or any other design package – you are usually presented with tiny illegible sample text & somehow you are supposed to make your choice as to what looks right from that. In reality most of us won’t get it right the first time – so we’ll waste time trying various options.

Well, problem solved! We found another really useful app that allows you to see every character in every installed font at a glance & preview the text you wish to use in every font combination. I can’t tell you how much time we’ve saved using this app over the years – hours, maybe even days!

Nugget #7 – Data & Log-in Security

The Free Utility That Protects Your FTP Log-ins & Sensitive Data

Protect Your Data & FTP Logins

So You Think You’re Secure (PC)

Whether you use an antivirus, firewall, server security, security plugins or managed services – this is no protection against your PC being stolen or compromised by a hacker? Most of us have unsecured personal data or FTP software that remembers passwords. This gives carte blanche to your thief to access & play with your digital valuables.

Of course you can buy complex data security software, bolt down your log-ins & encrypt your drives, yet most IT savvy thieves can still access your stuff in a matter of minutes!

Whilst researching data security we came across a gem of an app that stores all your sensitive data & portable programs in an 256 bit encrypted file – simply double click on the file & input your password & presto your data is there. You can even lock down data on USB devices & the best bit is the the cost – free!

Nugget #8 Change Your Site Styling

Change Your Site Headings/Text Styles/Backgrounds Quickly

Change Your Website Styling

Faster Editing of CSS Styles …(PC & MAC)

Unless you have a web programming degree, trying to find the line of code that changes a style such as heading size, font colour or a background is like hunting for a needle in a hay stack…

That’s until you use an awesome little browser plugin that tells you which file has the CSS class responsible, & on which line of code it’s appears. Better still, you can even play around with the CSS class to confirm it’s the right one & see what the changes would look like without actually making changes to the actual files – effectively test your changes before you apply!

OK so this might not be a tool for those that have a morbid fear of code, sooner or later though you’ll come across a theme or website that you’ll need to edit or change – hence this is a must have tool for that reason.

Nugget #9 Play Almost Any Media File

This Player Plays Most Media File Types!

Universal Media Player


With more & more diverse file formats arriving in the market – it’s easy to get caught out trying to play a file

We’ve been using this app for years, some of you will have heard of it – but really if you don’t know of this app by now you should… it’s gold

It’s one of the first open source apps that proved itself year on year for being a reliable solution to playing multimedia formats of various flavours & certainly a must for anyone distributing media based product. It might even save you a few refunds if customers complain they can’t play your files.

This is a versatile media player that plays almost any media file thrown at it so you never need to worry about media compatibility again – just install the software & play the file!

Nugget #10 – Install Disks Without a CD

Backup your DVD’s & Install Your Software From an ISO file

Virtual CD Drive

You’ll be surprised How Useful this Is…(PC & MAC)

A lot of software nowadays is distributed in ISO format – yet many customers are not aware of this format let alone how to use it.

If you still buy software using the “old fashioned” method – CDs/DVDs then you risk losing that data with scratches, heat & other damage. The most sensible way is to backup your disks to ISO files for safekeeping

To use these ISO files again the standard process is to burn the ISO to a CD/DVD – this was a major time killer. Several years ago a new breed of utilities allowed users to install programmes from ISO images without needing to burn disks.

This utility is the best in its class… it’s going to save you hours by cutting down installation time & allow your customers to install ISO’s images on devices which come without optical drives such as netbooks.

Nugget #11 – Screen Sharing

See What your Outsourcers/Workers/Colleagues are Doing

Screen Sharing Utility

See/Control Other People’s Screens…(PC & MAC)

Whether you are hiring an outsourcer or talking to work colleagues at some point you’ll need to see what they are doing – screen sharing is a great solution.

There are many superb resources to do this – some of them are subscription based however, our pick is free & it’s an awesome way view & even control a remote PC if you wish.

Screen sharing visually conveys info to others & nowadays it’s an essential part of web communications.

Nugget #12 – Easy Forms & Payments

Make Forms, Capture Leads, & Take Payments!

Web Forms

Want to Make Your Site Interactive? (PC & MAC)

There are many ways of adding forms/lead capture/payment gateways to websites including plugins & bespoke software. If however you want to save yourself the learning curve & need to get up & running fast then we have found the answer.

The resource is free for small volume processing but does charge a small monthly fee for large volume processing.

The advantage of this resource is the minimal learning curve required so even the most tech fearing webmasters can make their site interactive site quickly.!

Nugget #13 – Advanced Domain Checks

The Average Domain Availability Check is not Enough…

Domain Availability Check

Need Some More Domain Info? (PC & MAC)

Whether you are a webmaster or a web marketer then you’ll need to know a little more info about domains available than just is it available or not? You might want to know when the domain was last updated or even if it’s about to expire & who the registrant is. With that info you can make an offer for any sexy domains or even set up a snipe buy for any domains about to expire & go past the grace period.

This handy tool simply takes the donkey work out of looking up domains & gives you more information that you would otherwise get from an average domain registrar.

Nugget #14 – Get Into Locked Out Sites

Locked Out? – This Utility Will Get You Out of a Hole

IP Lockout Problems

How to Bypass IP Lockouts (PC & MAC)

Whilst researching web security tools we came across an awesome little utility that was built to allow you to search the web more securely, download whatever you want from the web without your ISP spying on you, avoid infected sites & cut down on advertising pop-ups. All sounds good right? Well we’ve have identified one other added benefit – getting out of a IP Lockout.

Many sites lock out users If they enter a username or a password wrong on a few occasions. This is a precaution against dictionary attack bots who try to brute force access websites with continual login attempts. However more often or not we/our customers get locked out too!

This app acts like a proxy – it effectively changes your IP to the outside world making your browsing anonymous & allowing you access to your website without the IP lockout restriction. Very Handy!

Nugget #15 – Create PDF’s FREE

These PDF Utilities are Simply Awesome!

Creating PDF Files

PDF’s in a Few Clicks (PC & MAC)

PDF is now pretty well accepted as the universal format for delivery of documents / books on the web – that being said few of us have the time & patience to learn applications that allow you to create PDFs. The average cost of PDF creation software is also high.

There are 2 solutions for this: one is more Mac friendly but both will produce PDFs on the fly. The more usefull product (MAC & PC Compatible) is for converting Word docs to PDF whilst maintaining HTML links & allowing users to apply file security. The other is a print to PDF utility (PC Only)

So in a nutshell, you can save yourself a pile of time and pay nothing to convert your Docs to PDF!

Nugget #16 – Batch Image Resizing

Need to resize/rename a load of images?

Batch Image Resizing

Unless you’re an expert in macros it ain’t easy! (PC)

The problem is that imaging software such as Photoshop doesn’t make it easy to batch resize or rename files – so unless you want to get a degree in using photoshop scripts this task is not for the weak hearted.

To answer to this problem a load of paid apps appeared on the market, however with a bit of research we came up with superb app that is every bit as good if not better at doing this job quickly & painlessly.

The app is “drag & drop” enabled which makes it easy to use & rapid in delivering the results – well worth a look.

Nugget #17 – Enhanced Code Editor

A Quicker Way to Edit your HTML/PHP/CSS Code

Best Text HTML Editor

Notepad is not enough… (PC)

Whilst you can edit code in any number of apps including paid market leading software like Dreamweaver, most times however, you may just want to run a fast loading editor to make a small changes. Many programmers use notepad (the built in windows app) to do this but this has limitations such as; no highlighting of code for easier recognition & no line numbering which makes it difficult to locate a specific piece of code in a large file.

A solution to this is a thin text editor that does exactly what is needed. This app is so well established now that the programming community has even developed loads of cool plugins such as spell checkers, instant preview & much more.

Nugget #18 – Share Files With Others

Backup to Free Cloud Storage & Share files With Others

Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing is Simple! (MAC & PC)

Almost all of us need to share files nowadays. Most of us use email attachments however, the minute you get past a few MBs of data it becomes impractical to do this as most emails carriers have a file restriction of about 10Mb.

With new cloud storage companies springing up all over the place it’s actually quite easy to give your friends, colleagues or outsourcers access to a joint secure cloud folder.

This can all be done in few minutes with the right utility & a few simple steps.

Nugget #19 – Instant SEO Scoring

Want to know SEO info for any Search Engine Listing

Wordpress Problem Solving

You Can See It at a Glance! (MAC & PC)

Whether you are researching a niche or just doing a daily web search – this very handy browser plugin reveals loads of SEO info about the sites listed in Google/Yahoo/Bing searches than you wouldn’t otherwise see.

The plugin automatically gathers info on the keyword density, inbound links, domain age, Alexa Rank & Google PR to instantly give you an basic idea of how difficult or easy it will be to rank high for a keyword.

Armed with this information you can do traffic research to see if there is sufficient traffic to have a go – simple!

+ 100’s of Other Reviewed & Rated Nuggets You Should Know About…
Use Just 1 Nugget & It’s Paid for Itself!

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Thanks for reading….

Whether you are a web newbie or a seasoned pro I’m certain you’ll find something here you’ll use in your business. It’s going to save you a pile of time & probably teach you a trick or two.

I look forward to seeing you in our members area.

Barry J Hall – Internet Marketing Researcher & Digital Publisher